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      It’s always time somewhere for a siesta, a work break, a quick escape from reality and/or a salt-rimmed libation, tall slim glass of lemonade over ice or a chilled fine – or cheap – wine. You can escape through the print pages or digital view of The Mango magazine. On the heels of 25 years in publishing, Country Media, Inc., is digging its toes in beach sands and on tropical islands around the U.S. and the world, bringing you useful information, delicious drink ideas, magnificent professional photography, trop rock and band stuff and much more. The beach is our inspiration, and we endorse a no socks kind of lifestyle and salty rims on many of our liquid refreshments.

      The Mango is an indie publication from an American small business, and most of our small, virtual staff has telecommuted and worked together for a whole bunch of years. Founder Phillip Vaught is one of those guys who simply cannot get enough of sandy beaches, margaritas, sunshine, warm weather, bare feet and salty air. And he’s determined to deliver his passion for high quality publications and the tropical state of mind in every issue of The Mango.

      Our virtual doors are always open for your impressions, suggestions and story ideas. Send your thoughts for boat profiles, vacation excursions, backyard tiki bars, shark encounters and anything else to info@mango-mag.com